Birdsall Inspections is dedicated to providing home buyers, sellers, and
real estate agents with a comprehensive, detailed, and visually
understandable home inspection report regarding the property of interest.
Birdsall Inspections is not in the business to be an ”Alarmist”. By using
technology, building science and International Association Certified Home
Inspector techniques, we will explain any Structural, Safety, Potential,
Possible, or Material defect; in a concise and easy to understand way.

Over 20 years experience in building/renovations, water operations,
professional photography and marketing makes Tommy a competent
home inspector. He has travelled extensively throughout the US and
abroad, observing details and processes associated with residential
construction, enabling him to adopt a ‘Whole House’ holistic view. His
meticulous eye for composition and materials gives him an in-depth
knowledge of good structure and building practices.

Tommy is approachable, enjoys and has an abundance of knowledge in
outdoor pursuits. He is passionate about backcountry snowboarding, ice
climbing, backpacking, fly fishing, hunting, motorcycle touring and all that
New Hampshire has to offer.

If you are buying a home in New Hampshire for the first time or You have
been “Living The Dream” all of your life, Birdsall Inspections has the
aptitude, attitude, and ability; to make your Home buying experience an
informed and enjoyable one.

Tommy Birdsall

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