What is thermal imaging?

Infrared cameras do not look at objects. They capture the energy (heat) transferred from an object to produce a real time image in different color scheme. In other words, it allows us to see temperatures that are not visible to the naked eye.

Proper training is essential in being able to properly obtain and interpret thermal images. We are proud to be infrared certified!

Here is a partial list of services we can perform with thermal imaging for homeowners, contractors, plumbers and electricians:

Water Intrusion

The blue areas we see in this roof structure is water intrusion from roof leaks around a chimney due to damaged flashing. While this was not visible to the naked eye, a quick thermal imaging scan can reveal problems that can become major headaches down the road!

Cold Air Infiltration

The use of thermal imaging allows us to ‘see’ where doors and windows do not properly seal. This image shows us where cold air is entering the home around the windows through the wall cavity. If you are looking for ways to save money on your heating and cooling bills, thermal imaging is fantastic tool to help you understand where heat loss is occurring.


Electrical Systems

Thermal Imaging is an effective way to check for some electrical problems. Sometimes improper wiring will cause a switch or outlet receptacle to be abnormally warm. Thermal imaging is a great high-tech way to see if heated toilet seats work!


Plumbing Issues

This image shows us areas of water damage on the floor due to a leaking toilet. Thermal imaging can help determine the location of water leaks, and drips in your home.

Insulation Efficiency

This image shows us areas of fallen or settled insulation. This is in an old farm house where blown-in insulation had been added to the exterior walls as an improvement years ago. Especially if you live in an older home, thermal imaging can help determine the location of your major areas of heat loss in your home.


Radiant Heating

Many rooms have radiant heating installed. How can your inspector tell if the radiant heating is operating properly? Thermal imaging is the best answer! After just a few minutes of operation, our thermal camera can ‘see’ where the radiant heat is located and verify that it is working properly. Thermal imaging is also a great tool to help plumbing & heating contractors find broken or leaking heating loops.

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